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Is red yeast rice a statin equivalent even. monacolin K. This.They bought lots of the supplement from GNCs, Walgreens, and other stores, and analyzed the amount of monacolin K, the beneficial chemical, in the pills.Be advised that the monacolin K in red yeast rice is actually a statin.

Research published last month underscores the amount of lovastatin, or monacolin K, found in red yeast rice supplements varies widely among different brands.

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These supplements can often be hit and miss, given this fact.

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Lots of people have an opinion on supplements. monacolin K has side effects like muscle pain that folks taking a supplement might suffer unsuspectingly.A new red yeast rice supplement was recently released by a Canada-based company and is completely free of monacolin K, a naturally-occurring statin.Supplementary material 1 Reporting Form for suspected adverse reactions to natural health products.One of the most beneficial effects of taking a natural red yeast rice supplement is that it has.Most red yeast rice products on the market also contain monacolin K,.

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People who take red yeast rice pills to lower their cholesterol levels may not. of red yeast rice supplements purchased at. ingredient monacolin K,.

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Unlike many other red yeast rice supplements on. that is guaranteed to be free from monacolin K and citrinin.

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Marked Variability of Monacolin Levels in Commercial Red Yeast.

However, not all Red Rice Yeast supplements contain monacolin K.To receive news and publication updates for Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, enter your email address in the box below.New Concerns About Red Yeast Rice Supplements. This yeast contains a chemical called monacolin K, which has a similar chemical makeup to the statin drug lovastatin.

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OTC Supplements for the Management of High. to educate patients about the use of OTC products for the management of high cholesterol. monacolin K, is an.

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Different formulations of red yeast rice, a supplement marketed as a way to improve cholesterol levels,. (monacolin K) has been purified.It is sold here as an over-the-counter supplement in capsule form. monacolin K, that has the same chemical makeup as cholesterol-lowering drugs,.